Beep you! You Beep Hole

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Beep you! You Beep Hole
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Smarak Swain
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About the Book :

Ever wondered why people are so fond of swearing?  Where and when do you swear?
Why do you think you swear?
If you don't, why don't you?
What if your tongue slips out at the wrong place at the wrong time?

‘Beep you! You Beep Hole’ by Smarak Swain is a book that gives a new insight on understanding human and social behavior through swearwords and slurs. It attempts to understand how swear words are spoken often at length across India, difference and similarities associated with it, and finally through deconstruction it tries to understand the aroma and aesthetics in ugly, distasteful, and sexist words.

The book talks about why people are obsessed with swearing, how it affects others. Why swearing is a compulsion for some? How people look at those who swear often. ‘Beep you! You Beep Hole’ by Smarak Swain is a nice read that shares a new perspective on how slurs and swearwords attempt to define social behavior.

About the Author :

Smarak Swain has graduated from IIT Kharagpur, 2006 batch. He is the author of an academic book on Applied Psychology. He has also edited a collection of essays on social issues of India. Reading, blogging and film-making are some of his interests.
Book Condition Very Good
Publisher Srishti Publications Books
Language English
ISBN 9380349312
EAN 9789380349312
Binding Paperback

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